Building Commissioning

Cx Solutions provides high quality, cost competitive commissioning services to meet your commissioning program.

Our quality-focused process supports your commissioning goals by verifying and documenting that all commissioned systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to provide a facility that meets your project requirements and intended use.

We offer 3rd party independent commissioning services that include:

  • Owner Requested Commissioning – Provide owners with commissioning services related to the project specific requirements that may include building envelope, mechanical (HVAC & plumbing) and electrical systems.
  • LEED Prerequisite Commissioning – Verification that the project’s energy-related systems are installed, calibrated and perform as intended.
  • LEED Enhanced Commissioning – Review of contractor submittals; verification of systems manual development, and operator training; review of end of warranty building operations; and development of an on-going commissioning plan.
  • Nonresidential Building Commissioning – Perform commissioning services required by Section 120.8 of the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards.
  • Design Phase Review – Conduct a focused review that includes review of drawings, specifications and completion of Certificates of Compliance forms required by the enforcement authority having jurisdiction.
  • Building Envelope/Enclosure Commissioning – Verification of roofing systems, exterior walls, windows, and windows, sealants and flashings.
  • Existing Building and Retro-Commissioning – Conduct a process that focuses on planning, investigating, implementing, verifying, and documenting that the facility and its systems are operated and maintained to meet the current facility requirements.
  • Energy Auditing – Conduct Preliminary Energy Analysis and ASHRAE Level 1 and Level 2 Energy Audits.