Our firm provides a range of building commissioning services

We can serve as your Commissioning Authority, support your field staff during construction, or using CxDocs you can create commissioning documents online through our cloud-based platform.

Building Commissioning

Full service building commissioning services

We provide commissioning services for your projects that meet LEED and building code requirements. Cx Solutions can manage the entire building commissioning process form design through building occupancy. Out staff has over thirty years of experience managing small to large commissioning projects.

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Field Support

Assisting you in the field

Our staff supports your on-site commissioning activities including site observations, system start-up, and functional performance testing.

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Simplifying your commissioning documentation

CxDocs™ is an easy-to-use cloud-based commissioning software that allows you to create and manage your commissioning documents. Using CxDocs™ you can develop commissioning documents that include: OPR, BOD, Cx Specification, Cx Plan, Functional Performance Tests, Systems Manual, and Cx Report.

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AffiliationsASHRAEBuilding Commissioning AssociationU.S. Green Building Council

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